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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good tidings, comfort and Joy

Christmas was fantastic this year! We thought it would be scary going into our first year not having MOUNDS of gifts for ourselves and family, but it wasn’t , it was as good or even better than previous years! We truly enjoyed and appreciated everything we got this year and so many family members really took our “homesteading” to heart and got us some great things to help us on our quest. Normally for each family (my side and Pat’s side) we draw names, that saves a lot of $$ instead of buying gifts for everyone and we continued that tradition on Pats side. However on my side we didn’t do gifts at all (which was great), we just had dinner and spent time together, we all discussed that we didn’t need to spend money on frivolous things, it was the time that counted the most. And we had soo much fun!! I do have to make note that my Aunt Nancy doesn’t follow the “ no gift giving” rule…lol. She bought us some really cool homesteading stuff and even “re-gifted” a painting I did years ago for her and had it framed. It was so thoughtful and I forgive her for breaking the rules :o)

Gabrielle and I spent over 5 hours baking this year. In previous years we baked cookies and made fudge in half that time, but we always bought the semi-homemade stuff , you know the cookie dough that rarely makes it to the oven, most of us just eat it straight from the package, (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…lol). Anyways, this year we did it all from scratch. Made dough, rolled dough, cut cookies, baked cookies, and decorated the cookies. I even made homemade frosting this year. It saved A LOT of money, in previous years I would have spent at least $60+ on everything. This year I spent under $10. It took more time, but it was worth every minute, Gabrielle and I had so much fun, she really did most of the work! Thanks Bean!

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