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Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Enlightenment's

We have found that every so often we learn a little something along our journey so we decided to do a regular post titled "Little Enlightenment's". Little Enlightenment's are what we refer to as small tid-bits of things we never knew before. Most are not of great importance but are none the less something we learned along the journey. Last weeks EL's were the following:

1) Sap is hard to get off of your hands! Note to self: put your gloves on before you pick up evergreen branches.

2)Pigs like evergreen branches. Who would have thought they would eat the branch and all!

3)Bird feeders get a hard clump of food in the bottom of the feeder, so clean it out! The seed doesn't fall very good if you don't. Then you can't watch the birds while you drink your coffee every


  1. Hi there!
    To remove the sap use that gel hand sanitizer. It works great! I volunteer each Nov/Dec selling Christmas trees. One year we bought the hand sanitizer for the port-o-potty and realized it took off the sap -- as well as cleaning the hands!

    I agree with your bird feeder -- we just cleaned ours out after all this rain!

    And I would think pigs would eat just about anything...but I don't have pigs or nothing.

    These are great! Thanks a lot!

  2. What a great idea! I never thought of that. I pretty much burned my hands washing them in super hot water and tons of

  3. you might also want to try and put something like bag balm on your hands before pick the branches- it coats your hands so the sap doesn't really stick- just like greasing a cookie sheet.

  4. Oh yes that's a great idea as well..thanx!

  5. First time comment, but I'll be following your journey... We've found any kind of cooking oil is great for removing sap (and other sticky stuff, like paint, or furniture varnish...). You can apply it before hand and it will help sap not stick to you in the first place. After work is done, slather your hands/arms with oil to loosen the sap, and rub it off with a rag from your rag bag. Afterward you can wash your hands in warm water to get the last of it off. It leaves your skin moistened and soft instead of dried out and cracked like multiple handwashes will do.

  6. Cheryl...Thanks for the great tip! I like the idea of soft hands to.

  7. Nail polish remover is amazing. takes the sap right off!

  8. Tommy, I did think about using nail polish remover, but didn't have any.