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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The $2 Chair

A while back someone asked for close up photos of the chair I found at a yard sale. Sorry it took so long to post them, but here they are. I bought this chair for $2. It's super cool and seems pretty easy to build. You can even sit in it, though I have a plant on it by my front door.


  1. That was me, thanks for the pictures. I'm surprised they used nails to hold the chair together. On the one hand, it won't last forever, but on the other hand, you could probably put it together in an afternoon. Pretty cool. I've seen 'em lashed together with reeds too.

    I think I'll go make one this summer...

  2. Introspeck....that would be cool having one lashed together with reeds, it would make it a bit more authentic.