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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


With so many things that have happened over the last month. I struggled to decide which topic to write about. I decided how ironic it was that I struggled, when that is kinda what I wanted to write about... struggling. LOL, I know I'm not making any sense, but hopefully that will change.

It seems that lately we have been overwhelmed with things... things to do, places to go, people to see, jobs to do. I have found that the hush of winter is not at all as bad as I once thought is was a few months ago, when I was bored out of my mind. I have found that things when thought about or dreamed about are oh so much more romantic and well lets just say it...EASY. But you add the above "tasks" to your dreamy little wonderland, and you have struggle.

Yes I know we were warned that things would be hard and they are, but I don't want to lose sight of the goal. It gets overwhelming when the journey is not enjoyed, when all you want is the end of your task to be near.

Money struggles. Yeah I know cry me a river, but we all are going through it so I though I'd share our story, it's our blog after all! We've not been desperate yet, not starving yet, but we have gone without, and a bill or 2 have been late. It's definitely not for lack of trying, just didn't balance the budget properly and my work is unstable at best. We have managed to keep our heads above water thankfully for now. But it has put jobs behind, like the chicken coop. We have yet to finish that, so it sits partially done and we still have no chickens.

Garden struggles. Ok we all know that this is new territory for us. We've NEVER done the majority of things we have attempted to do, but yet we still try pathetically. The garden, oh the garden. She's a force to be reckoned with. It's a love/hate relationship we have with our garden. So far she has been planted for about 1 month. Well the first half of it anyway. The out come in 1 month is 3/4 of it didn't sprout, so we replanted a bunch and cheated and got some starter plants. Well it was MIL who got them, I think she felt bad for us slaving away and getting no results. The second part of the garden is all Pat. He has been a regular ol' farmer!! He's spent hours sowing, and weeding, and just loving it and it's worked. And the result...we have growth!! Well I should say sprouts, but it's growing and that's all that counts. Now we're told the hard part comes, the bugs...haven't had to deal with that yet, as nothing had grown before. But we're armed and ready with piles of books, magazines, and precious advice from loved ones.

Time struggle. Where does it go? I remember sitting by the fire this winter and anxiously awaiting for the sun to warm us and spring to get sprung. Obviously summer is nearly here and you can tell by the looks of our barren blog that time has gotten the best of us. I think time is one of the hardest struggles of all. But we have all been through it and I'm sure all want and need more of it. But alas...that's life right?

So I thought with this post, I'd put a few pictures of around the homestead here at True North. Hope you enjoy..


  1. The times we are in has many of us looking for ways that are simplier, less expensive, and more wholesome. That's why I decided to follow your blog. I think you have some good things here.

  2. Don't feel to bad. I haven't finished my chicken pen either!

  3. As long as you don't have chickens yet, put the chicken-coop as a later priotity. We have once been where you are now. Don't lose heart. We were advised to start no more that 2 new projects a year, hard I know when you want to do everything, but good advise. Also, make a list of thiongs you want to build or accomplish, like build a barn, start your garden, start small fruits (trees, berries, etc) bee hives for polination and honey: then prioritize. It will come along. We all get carried away at times. We boutght our first dairy goats..... then built the barn, LOL! But have learned since to take it a little slower and don't beat ourselves up. Hang in there...

  4. PS. I still don't have my garden all in :)

  5. It'll work out. Even those that have farmed for years still have struggles. Cut hay, it rains. Plant garden, dry weather. It's ALWAYS something, but you learn new tricks and ways to deal with it constantly. Once you start eating from your garden, you won't regret it. Hang in there!

    Chrome Cowgirl

  6. Warren...I agree a little less money spent and alot more simplicity is the way to go. Thanks for following.

    Sunny...Good advice on taking things one at a time, it's hard to wait when you have so many ideas running through your head. But good things come to those who wait right?

    Chrome Cowgirl...Yes it's good to know we are not the only ones struggling. We have already started a list of lessons learned for next

  7. I want to chime in here. We are on our 4th year on our homestead and no chickens yet (or coop). This is the first year of a real garden (we had not running water till now). We are still in construction on the house, no landscaping. So see your not alone, time, money, weather, health, work, all have a say on how things will go. Relax, enjoy the journey. Life is short, make each day special no matter the task (an important lesson learned with the lose of my neighbor and friend 2 weeks ago). Once we slow down and take one or two tasks at a time......we will again enjoy what we have set out to do.
    God Bless.

  8. Gail...Thanks so much for the inspiring words! I am sorry for your loss's I know that feeling as well.

  9. I have been reading your blog for inspiration - and believe it or not - even when you are struggling it is inspiring.

    You are ALREADY a success. After all, you stopped dreaming and talking and are DOING it. That's better than most people have done or ever will do.

    My husband and I are on track to do something similar - but we aren't going to be growing most of our food like you all are doing. That is HARDCORE! *grin* We are looking for greater financial independence by building our home on land we own outright and powering up off-grid to eliminate most of our bills.

    My husband and I are familar with the labor it takes to raise animals and crops and we are both too much of weenies to do it. Lots of respect going your way - you have a difficult row to hoe - and you are figuring it out. good for you!

  10. Snocalla....Thanks for all your inspiring words it means alot to know we have such supportive followers. We wish you and your husband great success in your endeavers.