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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blood Money

So, right now I'm getting ready to have a needle jabbed into my arm; you see, it's plasma donation day. For those that don't know, not only does donating your plasma save lives, but it also fact, we think it pays quite well. Between me and Melissa we can earn $500 a month laying on a table two times a week.


My original plan was to write this blog as my blood was being sucked out of my arm, but it just did not work that way. For obvious reasons the arm that is "hooked up" to the machine can't really be used during the donation process, so I try to always use my left arm so that I can use my right hand (being right handed) to manipulate my phone, a book, laptop, etc...

Today they couldn't get the vein in my left arm to cooperate, so after jabbing me a few times they finally gave up and we had to use the right arm. That pretty much shut down any typing for me. I'm bad enough with my right hand...the left is damn near impossible! It wasn't very pleasant with the extra pokes, but I did get a free candy bar because of I guess it wasn't so bad. As it stands right now, I and Melissa have donated four times. She has gotten a candy bar once while I have received two of them. At this rate I'm going to have sore arms and some extra weight!

Seriously though, it has been a good experience for us. We make sure we eat a good meal before and after the donation, and drink plenty of water. That really helps avoid any light-headedness
or nausea which can be a side effect. Then when it's all over our Bio Life debit cards get "Loaded" and we're out the door. Not a bad way to make some extra money.

You can find the link to Bio Life (it's nation wide) in our link section if your interested. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make some extra cash, and accomplish a good deed all at the same time. Here are a couple of pics of our bandaged arms.

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  1. Interesting information will look into that in my area!