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Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Hours & 8 Stores

2 hours of research and 8 stores, netted us a savings of over $68 on our grocery/household supplies. I spent a Sunday afternoon reading the free community newspaper called the Alma Reminder and cross referenced all the savings verses what we used and needed in the house. I bought more than one item if it was something I knew for sure we need in the future. No need to pay full price later when you can buy in bulk at a discount now. The pay off was better than I expected and well worth the work. All the stores were within a 15 mile radius and we timed them with the other errands that needed to be done….ie pick up Gabrielle from school and donate plasma. It takes some time but if you stick to your “needs” only you can save a bundle!


  1. My family is a lot like yours, we raise rabbits and chickens. We have no debt and live on very litte. We are able to do this because of the way we grocery shop. You should check out hotcouponworlddotcom. I am able to feed (non food items included) my family of five on $50 and even less during the growing season a week. And by no means are we eating beans and rice everyday. I encourage you to take the time and check it out, it will save you thousands every year.

  2. WOW now that is frugal! Thanks so much for the tip, I'll check it out. Best of luck you and your family.