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Friday, March 20, 2009

The 2 Little Pigs

We are just over 1 week away form getting the pigs. We have a lot of work done so far. The wood fence and wood gate are up. The wire fence and metal posts are up. We tested the “escape” factor with our dog Gypsy who is known to be the master escape artist and it held up!! We still have a few things left to do, finish the pig house, which has the floor done, and build the feed and water troughs. We have all the supplies and have yet to pay a dime for any of it. It’s all been recycled from Pat’s dad’s days of farming and a friend’s (Hugh) old privacy fence. HOURS of hard labor were spent harvesting every last post and fence. Yeah, everyone was right…its is HARD work, but rewarding. We still have yet to figure out to actually GET the pigs here, we have blazer and a farm truck, both with broken trailer hitches, we’re still thinking on that one…lol. We’ll have more photos and info when the pigs are finally here!

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