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Friday, March 20, 2009

Captin' Jack’s Baby Shower

The "Pirate" baby shower was a great success! I spent under $100 for all the food, decorations, prizes, and even the gifts for mom and baby. One of which was the afghan I crocheted for them (pictured in a previous post). I did extensive research on the net for any baby pirate stuff I could find (which wasn‘t a lot, had to put my thinking cap on), searched the house for all our pirate ship gadgets, luckily we like that type of thing, and pictured here is what I came up with. It was a blast and even included a “Walk the Plank” game for prizes, and cute baby pirate gift bags with maps on one side and sayings like: “Shiver me rattles”, “Swab me poop deck” on the other. A BIG thanks goes out to Gabrielle and my MIL Sally for all their help, I couldn’t have done it without them!


  1. This is awesome! Great job pulling this together! I am trying to plan a Pirate baby shower too. Did you make the cupcakes?

  2. Also, do you mind sharing the quotes that you used for the back of the maps and details about the walk the plank game? Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Brande

  3. Brande...Yes I did make the cupcakes myself. I "googled" pirate cupcakes and found a design I liked and printed it off and basically copied it while I frosted. They were simple to make the details were all done with different colored frosting.

    Walk the plank was us using duck tape to create a "plank" taped to the ground, about 10 feet long. We blind-folded each person and made them balance a diaper on their head. The one to get the farthest without losing the diaper or "falling off" the plank (going outside the plank lines)wins!

    We also did a pirate word scramble with pirate type words.

    We gave the parents a fun book called "Guide To Pirate Parenting" By Tim Bete. I found it on Amazon cheap. It's a tongue -n- cheek book, and very funny.

    Invites said....
    A Party For The Little Stow-Away

    Pirate Baby sayings....
    Arrgg...Change Me Booty
    Rattle Me Timbers
    Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Milk
    Scallywag in the Making
    Swab Me Poop Deck
    Shiver Me Diapers
    Arrgg Surrender Ye Booby
    Pirate of the Crib
    Wee Matey

    I found a list online that said "Top 10 reasons your know your baby is a Pirate" and printed that off and framed it for a decoration.

    If you want to see any more photos or have any other questions email me at I'd be happy to help!

    Best of luck on your pirate baby shower!