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Monday, December 8, 2008

Come on baby light my fire

OK..this is what we are using to supplement our heat. We have the thermostat down to 62-65 and we close all the doors in the house to just heat the living room and kitchen. It seems to be working pretty good. You will usually find me with a sweater and slippers on still. The problems we have run into is the wood. We got a really late start in the year and Pat had only a few days to get a months worth of wood cut. Plus the fact that this wood was not dried or seasoned at all. We ran a little short that first month. Luckily we live on 40 acres and have plenty of wood, it's time that we have a current problem with. Pat is still on the road and won't be off for a few more weeks. So each time he's home for a few days he spends almost half a day cutting wood. He cuts, I stack. Thanks to both his brothers who helped with wood over Thanksgiving, it was much needed especially with the extra company over.

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